Khowai Health Administration Implements Measures to Combat Malaria Outbreak


The Khowai health administration has initiated a series of measures to curb the spread of malaria in the Mungiakami block area. District Magistrate Chandni Chandran reassured the public, emphasizing that there is no cause for alarm. She advised residents to take necessary precautions, including wearing protective clothing, using LLIN nets at home, and refraining from venturing into forested areas for the time being.

Chandran emphasized the importance of cooperation with the administration in screening and urged prompt medical attention upon detection. The prescribed medication course spans 14 days and should be adhered to without interruption. In response to the outbreak, mass screening efforts have been launched in all affected hamlets, encompassing both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases. Additionally, health camps have been organized.

To gain insight into the unusual outbreak timing, the Health administration has sought the expertise of Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) for an entomological study. Dr. Subrato Baidya, Professor and Head of Department at AGMC, leads the investigative team. Vector surveillance, aimed at understanding mosquito characteristics, is underway employing mosquito traps.

Behavioral surveillance, which aims to identify patient behaviors contributing to infections, is also being conducted, according to the District Magistrate. A comprehensive awareness campaign is underway in the local languages of the Mungiakami area, led by public health professionals.

The administration is facilitating health camps at Thirthamonipara, where the District Magistrate, SDM, and BDO paid a visit on Thursday. The Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) and the Social Welfare unit have been directed to ensure the proper nutrition of children currently battling the disease.



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