Khumulwng: CEM Purna Chandra Jamatia on 8 MDCs leaving TIPRA Motha News


“It’s fake news” – Khumulwng CEM Purna Chandra Jamatia on 8 MDCs leaving TIPRA Motha News.

The Chairman of TIPRA Motha, Bubagra Pradyot Manikya also denied the information later while speaking to a journalist on phone.

Tripura Tribal Autonomous Area District Council (TTAADC) Khumulwng CEM Mr. Purna Chanda Jamatia, speaking to a journalist, clarified that the news about eight MDCs quitting TIPRA Motha and joining the BJP is fake. He alleged that this is a trick by some BJP leaders to fool the people and defame the TIPRA Motha party. 

“Not a single MDC of our party will join BJP, the news about eight TIPRA Motha MDCs joining the BJP is false, and it’s spread just to create confusion among the people and defame our party,” said P.C Jamatia.

While pleading to the public not to believe in such rumors, he also said that none of the 18 MDCs of TIPRA Motha is interested in leaving the party. On the other hand, he informed that several MDCs and MLAs of the BJP are reaching out to their Chairman Bubagra Pradyot Manikya and other TIPRA Motha leaders to join the TIPRA Motha Party. The names of the BJP MLAs and MDCs were not revealed, but will be announced soon in three or four months said Mr. P.C. Jamatia.

Furthermore, he added that in the coming general election in 2023, BJP will lose and TIPRA Motha will form the government. On being asked about allying with other parties, Mr. P.C. Jamatia replied that their party will only ally until the party promises to fulfill the “Greater Tipraland” demand. 

“We are not against any political party, we are fighting for our rights. Forming of the government is not our priority, our first and foremost priority is Greater Tipraland” said Jamatia while conversing with a journalist on call.