Know About Mithun Debbarma: A Rising Star from North-easterner Hill Tripura


Mithun Debbarma is a well-known and eminent name in Tripura and going to gain glorious fame everywhere soon. One couldn’t summarise and write each and every quality as he has so much in him to talk about also he has achieved so much at such a young age.

It’s difficult to tell his profession, An Actor, Model, influencer, singer, and whatnot, from being a civil engineering graduate to the 18th finalist of RUBARU MR. INDIA 2022, was a very long but fruitful journey for him. It’s his constant hard work and honest dedication to his passion that highlighted and helped him to secure a position as a finalist in RUBARU MR. INDIA among 30,000 total applicants.

He is the first ever contestant in RUBARU MR. INDIA who hails from Tripura means he marked the debut of Tripura and created history. Although, he did graduate in civil engineering he had always known what makes him happy inside out. He always wanted to seek dance as his profession because according to him dance is something that makes him feel connected to his soul and puts him into a groove.

He has made his appearance in many music videos and TV shows like ‘Zindagi ki Mehak’, Although, he only got a small role in some episodes he believes that an opportunity can never be minor enough to miss and one should know how to grab it rather than missing it.

Apart from all these qualities, this one-in-all, talented and rising star considers health as a very prominent part of an individual’s life that’s the reason why he never spends the day without yoga and gym. He believes that yoga keeps our mind, soul, and body healthy, happy, and fit. Obviously, this belief has made him a certified yoga instructor.

He belongs to a family where his parents serve in health service so this is what embedded the feeling of being humble and helpful in him. He is associated with NGOs and works for the welfare of mankind. He always wanted to inspire, motivate and work for the youth of the country that’s why he started a campaign ‘say no to drugs with the intention to propagate a positive message among the youth of the country.

Being a fitness enthusiast, actor, social activist all-in-all an artist his vision of life is different from others. He feels proud to represent the country through his work which makes him a perfect artist.