Know How Exercises Proved as a Boon During the Pandemic


The shadow of Corona from all over the world is not over yet. In such a situation, different types of research keep coming out about the coronavirus. One such research has come to the fore regarding the coronavirus. Researchers have claimed in a new study that regular exercisers have a lower risk of corona infection. The study findings have been published in the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine.

This research says that 150 minutes of moderate-grade or 75-minute strenuous exercise a week can prove to be helpful in preventing corona infection. According to researcher Yasmin Eztavar from the University of Valencia, Spain, “Our study findings underscore the importance of physical exercise as a preventive measure within a public health strategy.” This can prove to be helpful in reducing the risk of serious infection of Covid-19.

Researchers selected 16 out of 291 studies related to Covid-19 published from November 2019 to March 2022 for the study and analyzed their data. These studies included 18,53,610 adults, of whom 54 percent were women. The mean age of the participants was 53 years. These studies were conducted in South Korea, UK, Iran, Canada, UK, Spain, Brazil, Palestine, South Africa, and Sweden.

During the analysis of the data, the risk of corona infection has been found to be 11 percent lower in those who exercise regularly. Not only this, the risk of their hospitalization due to corona infection has been reduced by 36 percent, the risk of falling seriously ill by 44 percent, and the risk of death by 43 percent. Significantly, cases of corona are still being reported all over the world. However, for the last few days, there has been a big decline in corona cases in India.