KOLOMA : Embarking on a Musical Journey to Preserve Tripura’s Rich Heritage


“KOLOMA” is set to enthrall audiences at the much-anticipated Majuli Music Festival 2023. Hailing from Tripura, this remarkable ensemble has undertaken a mission since its inception in 2014 – the preservation of their native language, “KOKBOROK,” through the medium of mesmerizing music.

Their lyrics serve as a vivid canvas, painting the natural beauty of Tripura, paying homage to its cultural heritage, and celebrating the arts, crafts, and traditions of this historically significant kingdom. “KOLOMA” encapsulates the essence of a thousand-year-old culture, seamlessly intertwining it with modern sounds.

Through their soul-stirring compositions, the group offers listeners a transcendent experience, taking them on a journey through Tripura’s ever-changing seasons and the magnificent tapestry of the TRIPURI people’s heritage.

These virtuosos bring their unique talents and unwavering dedication to every performance, weaving together the past and present of Tripura’s cultural legacy. “KOLOMA” stands as a testament to the enduring power of music not only to entertain, but also to educate, preserve, and inspire.



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