Kuki-Zo Tribals: Rallies Demand Separate Administration, Ethnic Crisis Resolution


Ten tribal MLAs from Manipur seek separate administrations for Kuki-Zo tribals, holding rallies in Mizoram, Tripura, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Manipur on November 29. Mizoram CM Zoramthanga urged for dialogue amid ethnic strife, emphasizing unity and solidarity. BJP MLAs persist in the demand, while ITLF calls for Manipur CM’s removal. Ethnic tensions continue in Manipur.

Kuki-Zo Tribals: Tribal MLAs Seek Mizoram CM’s Intervention

Ten Manipur tribal MLAs, including ministers, seek Mizoram CM Zoramthanga’s intervention to resolve the ethnic crisis. The Kuki-Zo tribals plan rallies to press for separate administrations, equivalent to a separate state.

Kuki-Zo Tribals Rallies

November 29 Mega Rally Across Six States

Ginza Vualzong of Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum announces a mega rally in Mizoram, Tripura, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Manipur. The demand for separate administrations gains momentum among Kuki-Zo tribals.

Mizoram CM Urges Maintaining Relationships Amid Strife

Zoramthanga highlights the commitment of Manipur tribal MLAs to maintain good relations with the Naga tribal community during the ethnic strife. He requests dialogue with Naga leaders to address the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

Solidarity with Ethnic Kindred

Zoramthanga reaffirms MNF’s solidarity with ethnic kindred brothers and sisters globally. The Chief Minister emphasizes Mizoram’s support for tribes affected by violence in Manipur and expresses unity with neighboring states and countries.

BJP MLAs Push for Separate Administrations

Ten Manipur MLAs, including seven from BJP, persist in demanding separate administrations amid ethnic riots. The Central and state governments, along with BJP leaders, reject the demand, vowing to maintain a united Manipur.

Kuki-Zo Tribals: ITLF’s Call for Chief Minister’s Removal

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum calls for Manipur CM N. Biren Singh’s removal since the beginning of the ethnic strife. Tensions persist as tribal MLAs intensify efforts for separate administrations in Manipur.



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