Kusha Kapila Unveils the Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Day in Cannes – From Exquisite Beach Excursions, to Luxury Shopping and Fabulous Airbnb Stays


Kusha Kapila, the beloved Indian digital creator renowned for her humor and captivating online presence, recently embarked on an unforgettable journey to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and chose to stay at an Airbnb during her trip.

Kusha embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Cannes Film Festival and chose to stay at an Airbnb during her trip​

During her stay, Kusha delighted her fans with a glimpse of her panoramic Airbnb Villa through an Instagram post and reel. The magnificent 6-bedroom Airbnb she called home, overlooked the stunning gulf of Napoule, offering a picture-perfect setting. Located just minutes away from the Palais des Festivals and the renowned Croisette, this modern and luxurious villa provided the ultimate Cannes experience.

Talking about her Cannes travel, Kusha said, “Experiencing the Cannes Film Festival for the first time was an absolute dream come true. Immersed in the electrifying atmosphere, I could practically feel the vibrant creative and artistic energies pulsating through every street. Choosing to stay at an Airbnb home that welcomed me with open arms after exhilarating days of content creation was a true blessing. Unwinding in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine, surrounded by the breathtaking cityscape, became one of the highlights of my trip. Im already yearning to return to Cannes for another extraordinary adventure!”

For a captivating one-day in Cannes, Kusha shared her personal top picks for an unforgettable day:

Head for a beach day at Plage de La Croisette – Immerse yourself in the spellbinding allure of Plage de La Croisette, with its pristine shores and azure waters. Whether you take a leisurely stroll, sunbathe, or partake in exhilarating water activities, this beach guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a savory lunch at the Cafe La Plage du Festival – Indulge in a savory lunch at Cafe La Plage du Festival, nestled along the enchanting shores of Cannes. The warm and inviting atmosphere invites you to savor classic French salads or try an authentic Ratatouille.

Shop at the Croisette Boulevard – Embark on a shopping spree along the iconic Croisette Boulevard, known for its luxury, elegance, and vibrant atmosphere. Explore prestigious designer boutiques, couture fashion houses, and jewelers, while immersing yourself in the charm of this shoppers paradise.

End your day with the comfort of a piping hot pizza at Bella Pizza – Whether youre seeking classic simplicity or daring combinations, Bella Pizza is the place you need to be at to enjoy a night with your friends or family. With their dedication to quality ingredients and artisanal techniques, the restaurant delivers a soulful experience that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.





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