Lakshabhum Private Limited Secures Top Spot Among India’s Leading Construction Companies.


Lakshbhum Private Limited, under the leadership of Sandeep Kushwaha has stood tall as a great example in the ever dynamic construction and industrial services’ sector. As Chairman and Managing Director, Sandeep Kushwaha has driven the company to unparalleled heights and has made it India’s Most Valuable Company by Market Value.

Thus, boasting of an experienced team with ten years hands-on experience, Lakshbhum Private Limited demonstrates its expertise in various aspects not found elsewhere. This range varies from civil engineering and construction to mechanical and electrical engineering as seen by their portfolio that shows how they are committed to quality and innovation.

The company can attest to completing over a hundred projects across India making it evident that they can do both new constructions as well as repairing/restoring old ones. The company has set industry standards for running seamless projects on occupied or completely operational job sites.

Lakshbhum Private Limited is more than a mere builder; it creates lasting customer experiences. The comprehensive client engagement process includes continuous communication, clear budgeting, efficient staff allocation and site organization. Close cooperation with architects and interior designers leads to attractive and well-structured building works, which are a testimony of the company’s ability to manage projects.

Apart from construction, Lakshbhum Private Limited diversified into renting services for heavy machinery such as JCB, Excavator, Poclain, Rock Breaker, Hydra Crane, Road Roller Dumper & Tipper. It also has mosquito and bird net services that contribute towards health promotion in the society.

As regards interior design, Lakshbhum Private Limited understands space management, user comfort and suitability. The venture highlights the connectivity between societal development and intricate architecture that defines today’s world.

While it continues to transform India’s physical landscape through its construction work including industries and thus still adhering to its high quality standards is committed because quality innovation and welfare always come first at Lakshbhum Private limited. For excellence in construction and related services one needs only approach Lakshbhum Private Limited – this is a name that inspires trustworthiness as well as success.*



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