Landslide Hits Pakyong’s Under-construction DC Office in Sikkim


A landslide struck the under-construction District Collector (DC) office in Pakyong, Sikkim, prompting the swift evacuation of six individuals by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team stationed at the Pakyong regional center.

The incident occurred suddenly, catching the workers and officials at the construction site off guard. The landslide, likely triggered by heavy rainfall or geological instability, posed a significant risk to the safety of those present at the scene.

Upon receiving reports of the landslide, the NDRF team stationed at the Pakyong regional center sprang into action. Employing their expertise in disaster response and rescue operations, the NDRF personnel promptly arrived at the site and initiated evacuation procedures.

Despite the challenging conditions posed by the landslide, the NDRF team swiftly and efficiently evacuated all six individuals from the affected area. Their prompt response and coordinated efforts played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the individuals involved.

Following the evacuation, the NDRF team continued to monitor the situation at the landslide-affected site. They remained on standby to provide any further assistance or support as needed, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the safety of the local community in the face of natural disasters.

Landslides are not uncommon in hilly and mountainous regions like Sikkim, particularly during the monsoon season when heavy rainfall can destabilize slopes and trigger soil erosion. As such, it is essential for local authorities and emergency response teams to remain vigilant and prepared to respond swiftly to any incidents of landslides or other natural disasters.

The prompt evacuation of six individuals from the landslide-affected under-construction DC office in Pakyong, Sikkim, highlights the crucial role of the NDRF in ensuring the safety and well-being of communities in the face of natural disasters. Their swift response and efficient coordination serve as a testament to their dedication and readiness to respond to emergencies, ultimately contributing to the protection of lives and property in the region.



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