Left MLA Deputed Superintendent of Police Demanding Police picket in Laugang


Opposition CPM MLA Dipankar Sen submitted a deputation and memorandum to the District Superintendent of Police demanding police picketing in Laugang area of Bilonia to maintain the atmosphere of peace. CPIM MLA from Bilonia assembly constituency Dipankar Sen on Saturday met and deputed South District Superintendent of Police Kulban Singh to demand police picketing in Laugan area.

MLA Dipankar Sen told reporters that Lau Gan is the most sensitive of the ten booths in the Shantir Bazar area of the 35 Bilonia assembly constituencies since before the election. Various types of violent activities are going on in the area since the last assembly elections Attacks on CPIM activists and supporters are being carried out almost daily, including house-to-house arson. In view of this, MLA Dipankar Sen met the South District Superintendent of Police Kunban Singh on Saturday 29th April at 12 noon and gave the deputation. He also said that the District Superintendent of Police has assured him that the situation in that area will be discussed and arrangements will be made to set up police pickets.



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