Legendary Singer Udit Narayan Honored with International Buddha Peace Award and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Award 2023.


In a moment that radiates peace and humanitarianism, the acclaimed playback singer Udit Narayan was bestowed with the prestigious International Buddha Peace Award and the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Award for the year 2023. The ceremony, held at Kolkata’s historic Governor’s House on August 27, 2023, saw the gracious presence of West Bengal Governor Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose, who personally presented the awards to the deserving recipients.

The event was a tribute to those individuals whose lives are dedicated to the noble causes of peace, empathy, and societal upliftment. With 25 awards presented, the ceremony celebrated remarkable contributions made by individuals across various domains.

Guided by the late Ven Dhamma Viriyo’s profound insights, the esteemed Maitry Peace Foundation masterfully orchestrated a remarkable awards ceremony. Operating as a non-governmental voluntary organization, Maitry Peace Foundation (MPF) stands as a beacon of community development and peaceful co-existence. MPF’s mission, encapsulated in its initiatives, reaches far and wide – from providing essential nourishment and education to every child to nurturing the aspirations of destitute children through its 5 charity homes. In collaboration with the Dhamma Viriyo Foundation, Maitry Peace Foundation shapes a better future.

Rooted in its commitment, Maitry Peace Foundation envisions enrolling 100 street children dropouts into formal schooling by 2022 while upholding values that encompass respect for human rights and transparency. Looking ahead, plans for the Housabai Destitute Home in Bodhgaya paint a picture of holistic transformation, weaving together rehabilitation, education, vocational training, and creative avenues for destitute children’s growth.

This foundation has long been committed to fostering harmonious coexistence and nurturing communal development. Of particular note is the Foundation’s emphasis on education and the well-being of every child, echoing the belief that a well-nurtured childhood shapes the destiny of a nation.

The upcoming edition of the awards, scheduled to take place in New Delhi, stands as a testament to the principles upheld by Buddha and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The announcement of the second edition was made by President Surajit Barua of the Maitry Peace Foundation. Collaborating with the Myanmar Embassy, the ceremony is set to unfold within the prestigious Embassy Auditorium Hall in New Delhi.

Individuals interested in participating, whether through nominations or inquiries, can reach out to the organizers via the provided communication lines at 011-4054-3643 / 99116-99446.

Reflecting on the previous year’s ceremony, the Governor’s House in Mumbai, Maharashtra, was illuminated by the aura of the International Buddha Peace Award and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Award. His Excellency Hon’ble Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari presided over the event and honored notable figures, including the legendary composer-singer Anu Malik, Bollywood luminary Rajpal Yadav, and dedicated social advocates Vicky and Rohan Saxena.

The ceremony functions as a platform to applaud not only excellence but also meaningful contributions to societal betterment. Awardees from diverse fields, such as Member of Legislative Council Lalji Prasad Nirmal, Dr. H.K. Goswami from Assam Medical College, Dr. Akash Chakma from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, and social activist Basanta Goswami, were recognized for their impactful endeavors.

As the upcoming ceremony in New Delhi approaches, it is clear that it is more than just an award presentation—it embodies the enduring values of peace, empathy, and societal progress championed by Buddha and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. These awards continue to serve as a beacon, honoring their legacy and recognizing individuals who actively shape a brighter future for society.

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