Looming Trouble: Tripura Government Faces Backlash over Job Criteria

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The Tripura government finds itself in a precarious situation due to the lack of provisions for mandatory Permanent Residency Certificates (PRC) and knowledge of either Bengali or Kokborok language for job applicants from outside the state. This oversight has opened the floodgates for outsiders to come and snatch job opportunities that were intended for local youths. As a result, thousands of outsiders participated in the Joint Recruitment Board Tripura (JRBT) examination in September 2021, but the process, including the publication of results, is yet to be finalized.

Official sources reveal that with the realization of outsiders potentially dominating most job positions and the ensuing backlash from local youths, the state government has now decided to introduce the condition of holding a PRC for at least five years and proficiency in the local language. However, since this decision comes long after the examination was conducted nearly two years ago, it may face legal challenges. Consequently, the state government and concerned officials, misled by the law department, are now hesitant and uncertain about the appropriate course of action.

The looming trouble has already had repercussions. The Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) authority was recently compelled by furious candidates for Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARDD) services to include the provision of a PRC and knowledge of the local language as prerequisites for applying for jobs. Additionally, the TPSC authority was also asked to conduct an examination for the recruitment of agriculture officers. However, due to the adverse reaction surrounding the PRC and language requirement, the department grew apprehensive and postponed the examination for the time being. Sources within the state government indicate that while there is a desire to prioritize state jobs for local youth, an erroneous and misinterpreted note provided by the law department and the highest legal officer on the matter has complicated the issue, leaving officials searching for a way forward.

Tripura government is facing mounting trouble over the absence of provisions for PRC and language requirements for job applicants from outside the state. The delay in rectifying this oversight has resulted in outsiders potentially usurping opportunities meant for local youth. The TPSC has faced pressure to incorporate the PRC and language criteria for job applications, leading to disruptions in the recruitment process. The government acknowledges the need to rectify the situation but is currently grappling with legal complexities. The state administration is actively seeking a resolution to ensure the availability of state jobs for Tripura’s youth.



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