Loud Noise Explosion in Govindpur of Kailashahar, Intense Panic in the Area


In the late night of Govindpur area of Kailashahar city, someone burst a betel like a bomb, causing intense fear in the entire city area. Govindpur area is known as Banedi area of Kailasahar Pur Parishad. Pradeep Sinha, a permanent resident of Gobindpur area, said that like every day, everyone in his house went to sleep by 10:30 pm yesterday. Late at night around one o’clock everyone in the house including Pradeep Sinha woke up after hearing a loud sound like a bomb going off near the boundary of his house. He came out of the house and saw that the tin fence of his house was on fire.

As soon as the two brothers saw the fire, they extinguished the fire by pouring water from the water tank of the house Pradeep Sinha said that at first, they thought it would be a bomb but later found that four stakes were tied together, and someone had lit the incense stick on the ground by the border and another on the flower tree by the border.

However, the stakes placed in the ground along the border cracked, but the stakes in the flower trees did not, and after the fire, the stakes were destroyed by the pouring of water. However, if the boundary tin fence fire was not brought under control immediately after the stakes burst, a major conflagration would have occurred. Because, the entire Govindpur area including Pradeep Sinha is a densely populated area Pradeep Sinha also said that he has filed a written complaint at the Kailashahar police station in the morning



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