Major Cannabis Eradication Operation: 20,000 Plants Destroyed in Tripura


Tripura , Dec 17: PR Bari Police Station in Tripura successfully carried out an operation resulting in the destruction of approximately 20,000 cannabis plants spread across 4.5 acres of land on Sunday. The operation, launched based on information from undisclosed sources, aimed at curbing the menace of illegal cultivation and trafficking of narcotics.

The anti-cannabis operation commenced at 4:30 am on Sunday in the Monaipathar and Wangchhara areas under the Rajnagar block. The intensive three-hour-long operation involved the cutting and subsequent incineration of around 20,000 cannabis plants, strategically located in nine separate plots.

Belonia Subdivisional Police Officer, Abhijit Das, led the operation, ensuring the seamless execution of the mission to eradicate the illegal cultivation of cannabis. OC Ratan Ravi Das from Rajnagar PR Bari Police Station, along with personnel from PR Bari Police Station, Rangamura, and Srirampur outposts, actively participated in the day’s expedition.

The success of the operation was also attributed to the collaboration of various law enforcement agencies. Sub-Inspector Shravan Kumar Jat from the 43rd Battalion of the Border Security Force (BSF) and other BSF personnel, 124 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel, Tripura State Rifles (TSR) force, and a women’s platoon played pivotal roles in supporting the police forces. Additionally, the forest department contributed to the operation with the presence of Forest Ranger Sukanta Sarkar, Sunil Tripura, and other staff members.

Despite the successful eradication, the authorities are puzzled as to the origin of the cannabis cultivation on the 4.5 acres of land under the forest department. Investigations are underway to trace the individuals responsible for the illegal cultivation, with a focus on preventing such activities in the future.



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