Major Crackdown on Illegal Cultivation: Tripura Authorities Eradicate Over 2.4 Lakh Ganja Plants


Sepahijala District Police, in collaboration with the TSR (Tripura State Rifles) contingents of 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th BN, Forest officials, and CRPF 140 Bn, conducted a joint operation resulting in the destruction of approximately 241,000 immature Ganja plants. The massive eradication drive unfolded across 120.5 acres of forest lands at multiple locations within the district on December 21, 2023.

The operation, aimed at dismantling illegal ganja cultivation, showcased a remarkable display of coordination and synergy among law enforcement agencies. The joint effort led to the immediate and on-site destruction of the illicit plants, sending a strong message against the cultivation and trade of narcotics in the region.

Sepahijala District Police, along with their counterparts from TSR and CRPF, played a crucial role in executing the operation seamlessly. The comprehensive approach involved meticulous planning, synchronized action, and the deployment of resources to eradicate the ganja plants, ensuring that the illegal cultivation network was disrupted.

The involvement of Forest officials further underscored the commitment to preserving natural habitats and preventing their exploitation for illicit activities. The destruction of the immature ganja plants, estimated to be spread across a vast expanse of 120.5 acres, is a significant blow to the networks engaged in the illegal cultivation of narcotics.

Authorities have been actively working to identify and dismantle such operations to curb the menace of drug trafficking in Tripura. The joint operation in Sepahijala reflects a dedicated effort to eliminate the cultivation of illegal substances at the root, disrupting the supply chain that fuels the narcotics trade.

The success of this operation is not only a testament to the coordination among various law enforcement agencies but also a clear signal that Tripura remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens. As the authorities intensify efforts against illegal activities, such operations contribute significantly to maintaining law and order, safeguarding communities, and upholding the integrity of the region.



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