Major Drug Bust in Tripura: Assam Resident Nabbed with Rs 40 Lakh Worth Heroin in Churaibari


Late Night Arrest Unveils Heroin Stash in Churaibari

In a significant operation, the Tripura Police apprehended Rashid Ahmed (19), a resident of Patharkandi in Karimganj, Assam, in the Churaibari area of North Tripura District. Acting on a tip-off, Officer-in-Charge Shibu Ranjan Dey detained Ahmed, leading to the discovery of suspected heroin worth Rs 40 lakh.

Police Operation and Seizure Details

Superintendent of Police for North Tripura District, Bhanupada Chakraborty, reported that 437 grams of heroin were confiscated during the operation. The heroin, concealed in six packets inside a shoebox, was intercepted based on intelligence gathered by the Kadamtala Police Station.

Major Drug Bust

Accomplices Escape: Investigation Underway

Despite the arrest of Rashid Ahmed, some accomplices managed to escape. Chakraborty confirmed ongoing investigations to trace the source and network behind the suspected drug trafficking. The estimated market value of the seized heroin highlights the scale of the illicit operation.

Heroin Transit Route: Patharkandi to Agartala

During initial interrogation, Ahmed confessed to transporting the heroin from Patharkandi to Agartala. The police are now delving into the details to unravel the complete chain of custody and identify those involved in the trafficking network.

As the investigation unfolds, the arrest sheds light on the persistent challenges posed by drug trafficking in the region. The concerted efforts of law enforcement are crucial in curbing the flow of illegal substances and dismantling these networks.



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