Major Ganja Plantation Destruction Operation Conducted in Tripura


The Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Kailasahar (KGT), along with officers and staff from the Paharmura Police Station, carried out a targeted destruction of a large-scale Ganja plantation. The operation, executed on December 22, focused on the areas of Krishna Tilla, Das Para, and Ramguna Para upper region.

Authorities successfully eradicated approximately 15,000 mature Ganja plants during the operation, dealing a substantial blow to the illicit cultivation of narcotics in the region. The SDPO, along with the dedicated police personnel, ensured that the confiscated Ganja plants were promptly destroyed by burning them on-site.

This proactive measure is part of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies in Tripura to combat the illegal cultivation and trade of narcotics. The strategic operation reflects a commitment to curbing the production and distribution of illegal substances, with a focus on disrupting the entire supply chain.

The destruction of the Ganja plantation not only eliminates a potential source of illegal substances but also sends a strong deterrent message to those involved in such activities. The authorities remain vigilant and are actively working to identify and dismantle networks engaged in the cultivation and trafficking of illicit drugs.

The SDPO and the police force have received commendation for their swift and effective action in tackling this issue head-on. Such operations contribute significantly to the larger goal of maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and curbing the adverse impact of illegal substances on communities.



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