Manik Held the Throne of Government; Pratima Bhowmik to be the Chief Minister of Tripura?


The BJP, which has won 32 seats in Tripura, is reportedly considering a woman for the post of chief minister. Although Manik Saha, who was the chief minister was promoted as the face of the chief minister during the election campaigns in Tripura, there are indications that the decision will be reconsidered after the election victory. Currently, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Pratima Bhowmik is being considered for the post of Chief Minister.

Party sources told the national media that they are trying to send a real message to the North East region and the country itself before the Lok Sabha elections. Pratima Bhowmik has the reputation of being the first woman Chief Minister of Northeastern states if she comes to power.

Pratima won by 3,500 votes from Dhanpur assembly constituency in Tripura. This constituency has a history of donating chief ministers. This is the constituency where Communist Party stalwart Manik Sarkar was elected to the Legislative Assembly five times in Tripura. Manik Sarkar, who won from Dhanpur in 2018, became the leader of the opposition. Since Manik Sarkar was not in the field this time, CPM fielded Kaushik Chanda against Pratima.
It is suggested that this move is aimed at women voters from the Northeast in the 2024 general elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced several schemes for women in Tripura.

Manavadhi schemes have been envisaged for the upliftment of women in health, education and employment sectors, including 33 per cent reservation for women in all government jobs. Moreover, the BJP believes that women voters helped the BJP to come to power for the second time in the constituencies with a majority of tribal voters. Election Commission records also indicate that more women than men voted in the state this time. It is reported that if Pratima is made Chief Minister, Manik Saha will be considered for the Union Cabinet.



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