Manik Sarkar’s Call for Unity: Aiming to Oust BJP from Centre in 2024


Former Chief Minister of Tripura and CPIM Politburo member, Manik Sarkar, emphasized the need for a united front to overthrow the BJP from power in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

BJP’s Alleged Suppression Tactics

Sarkar, addressing an event, accused the BJP of actively suppressing opposition voices throughout the state. He claimed that the ruling party is pushing bills that contradict the interests of the people. According to Sarkar, these laws, reminiscent of British-era legislation, are being modified and expanded, posing a more significant threat.

Challenges to Democracy and Constitution

Expressing concern, Sarkar argued that the BJP’s actions indicate a loss of confidence in their power and fear of the people. He characterized the laws as draconian and stressed the importance of saving the country, democracy, and the constitution. Sarkar cited rising unemployment and soaring commodity prices under BJP rule as key issues affecting the people.

Unity for Electoral Victory

Highlighting a recent meeting in Delhi with representatives from 28 parties, Sarkar conveyed a consensus on the urgency to defeat the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized the necessity of securing the majority percentage of votes for opposition parties, rallying against what he termed an undemocratic force.

A Call to Unite Against Undemocratic Forces

In the face of challenges, Sarkar underscored the common goal of prioritizing the well-being of the people and the nation. He called for unity against the undemocratic force represented by the BJP, RSS, and VHP. Sarkar’s rallying cry resonates with the shared vision of opposition parties aiming to bring about a transformative change in the political landscape.



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