Manipur Chief Minister Cancels Road Training Plan for IRB Recruits Following Public Outcry


In a recent announcement, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh revealed the cancellation of plans to send new recruits of the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) to Assam for training by road. The decision comes in the wake of protests from the families and relatives of the recruits, expressing concerns about the safety of traveling through Kuki inhabited areas.

The Chief Minister took to Facebook on Friday night to inform the public, stating, “The plan to send new recruits of the 10th and 11th IRB to Assam by road has been cancelled for now. An alternative arrangement will be made soon.” This move reflects a responsiveness to the apprehensions voiced by the families and the need to address their concerns.

The decision to send recruits to Assam had faced opposition from the families and relatives who gathered near the main gate of the Manipur Police Training College at Pangei in Imphal East district. Their primary demand was for the training to take place in Imphal East district, citing potential safety risks associated with traveling through Kuki inhabited areas.

The concerns raised by the families highlight the delicate balance that authorities must strike between logistical considerations and the well-being of recruits. Safety concerns in conflict-prone areas underline the importance of understanding and addressing local sentiments.

The cancellation of the road training plan underscores the significance of public opinion and the role it plays in influencing administrative decisions. Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s prompt response to the protests demonstrates a commitment to considering the welfare and concerns of the citizens.

As an alternative arrangement is being sought, it remains to be seen how the government will address the training needs of the new IRB recruits while ensuring their safety and addressing the concerns of the families. This incident also highlights the importance of effective communication between the government and the public, particularly in matters that directly impact the lives of citizens.

The cancellation of the road training plan for IRB recruits in Manipur reflects the responsiveness of the government to public concerns. As discussions on alternative arrangements unfold, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required in making decisions that impact the safety and well-being of individuals involved in public service.



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