Manipur CM Expresses Gratitude to Assam Police for Drug Arrest


Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has expressed gratitude to the Assam Police for their swift action in apprehending a woman from the strife-torn state in connection with drug-related activities.

Arrest of Hmar Tribe Woman with Drugs

In a commendation to the Assam Police, Manipur CM Biren Singh acknowledged the successful arrest of a woman belonging to the Hmar tribe. The arrested individual was found in possession of a significant quantity of narcotics, specifically 700 grams of heroin.

“Thanks and congratulations to Assam police for arresting a woman of Hmar tribe from Manipur with 50 soap drugs heroin worth Rs 5 crore at Cachar district,” stated Biren Singh. This recognition highlights the collaborative efforts of the Assam Police in curbing the illicit drug trade.

The arrest occurred in Cachar district, Assam, where the police discovered and seized 700 grams of heroin from the apprehended woman’s possession. The contraband was cleverly concealed in 50 soap cases within a bag, providing insights into the sophisticated methods employed by those involved in the drug trade.

Identity of the Arrested Woman

The woman in question, identified as 35-year-old Nengcha Hmar and hailing from Jiribam in Manipur, now faces legal consequences for her involvement in the drug-related activities. The seized heroin, with an estimated value exceeding Rs 5 crore, underscores the scale of the narcotics trade.

This incident emphasizes the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat the drug menace and underscores the need for vigilant cross-state collaboration.



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