Assam: Seizure of 10 Vehicles for “Illegal” Modifications


In the aftermath of a hit-and-run incident on January 26 in Guwahati, Assam, a group known as the “Siren Gang” faces disbandment as law enforcement takes action. The incident, involving 20-year-old Arin Kataki, son of an Assistant Conservator of Forest, resulted in the tragic death of 54-year-old Narabahdur Thapa near the Nalapara sub locality.

Allegations and Illegal Modifications

Arin Kataki, accused of fleeing the scene, was apprehended by the police during the subsequent investigation. The scrutiny of his Mahindra Scorpio revealed illegal modifications, including tinted glass and unauthorized beacons. This discovery unraveled a more extensive network of individuals, including college students, engaged in similar illicit vehicle alterations.

Using Kataki’s case as a starting point, the police were successful in tracking down and seizing nine more vehicles with unauthorized modifications. Notably, among the confiscated vehicles were cars linked to the sons of a CID inspector and an Assistant Director of Employment. While the vehicles were registered under the officials’ names, it was confirmed that their sons were driving at the time of the incident and were responsible for the illegal modifications.

Ongoing Investigation and Anticipated Action

The investigation into this network of illegally modified vehicles is ongoing, with authorities anticipating further action against those involved. The dismantling of the “Siren Gang” sheds light on the prevalence of such activities, extending beyond individual cases to a network engaging in unauthorized vehicle alterations.

This incident underscores the significance of enforcing traffic regulations and ensuring the safety of the public on the roads.



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