Manipur Crisis: A Plea for Attention and Action


In a poignant commemoration marking the eighth month of the ongoing crisis in Manipur, a candlelight vigil took place in front of the Kangla Gate, honoring those who lost their lives during this tumultuous period. The observance ceremony, organized by FAMBEI, a representative body of the Meitei community, aimed to shed light on the prolonged crisis that has gripped the region.

Addressing the media during the vigil, Ashem Nirmala, a member of FAMBEI, expressed deep concern over the perceived lack of interest from the Government of India in resolving the crisis. She condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what she described as a “stoic silence” despite the crisis persisting for eight months.

“Modi’s interest seems to lie solely in the geographical location and soil of Manipur, not its people. The anti-government sentiment among our people is a consequence of both state and central governments failing to address the crisis,” Nirmala asserted.

Drawing attention to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s limited visits to the state, she argued that his absence reflected a lack of genuine interest in resolving the Manipur crisis. “The Home Minister visited the state once after the crisis unfolded, but his subsequent absence implies a disconcerting lack of commitment from the government of India,” she added.

Nirmala emphasized the desire of the people of Manipur to restore peace in the state and called for urgent action. She pointed out that Kuldeip Singh, the current chairman of the Unified Command, was not deemed fit for the role, advocating for his replacement by the Chief Minister of Manipur.

“The people of Manipur are yearning for peace, and the current leadership of the Unified Command must be reconsidered. Kuldeip Singh’s suitability is questionable, and we believe the Chief Minister of Manipur is better positioned to lead efforts towards resolution,” Nirmala demanded.

As Manipur grapples with the prolonged crisis, the candlelight vigil served as a poignant reminder of the human toll the situation has exacted. FAMBEI’s call for attention and action resonates as a plea for both the state and central governments to prioritize the well-being of the people of Manipur and actively work towards a lasting solution to the crisis.



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