Manipur Governor Recognizes Assam Rifles Personnel


Manipur Governor, Anusuiya Uikey, honored selected Assam Rifles (AR) personnel with the prestigious Governor’s Gold and Silver Medals alongside presenting Governor’s Unit Citations to distinguished Army and AR units.

Investiture Ceremony at Raj Bhavan

The Investiture Ceremony, held at the Durbar Hall of Raj Bhavan in Imphal, commemorated the 187-year legacy of the Assam Rifles. The event showcased their significant contributions to global conflicts, counterinsurgency endeavors, and their pivotal role in upholding law and order.

Prestigious Awards

Governor Anusuiya Uikey personally bestowed the Governor’s Gold and Silver Medals upon deserving Assam Rifles personnel, while also presenting the Governor’s Unit Citations to notable Army and AR units. The ceremony served as a platform to recognize outstanding dedication and service.

In her address, Governor Anusuiya congratulated all the medal recipients and citation awardees, lauding their exceptional achievements. She extended her best wishes for their continued success and emphasized the importance of their roles in shaping a brighter future.

Assam Rifles: A Pillar of Strength

Reflecting on the illustrious history of the Assam Rifles, the governor highlighted their pivotal role in both world wars and their unwavering commitment to counterinsurgency efforts. She commended their multifaceted contributions, ranging from maintaining law and order to facilitating socio-economic development in remote regions.

Upholding Trust and Confidence

Governor Anusuiya underscored the Assam Rifles’ enduring presence in the challenging terrain of the Northeast and their commendable track record in counterinsurgency operations. Their steadfast dedication has earned them the trust and confidence of the people, solidifying their status as a beacon of public service in the region.

Fostering a Glorious Future

Governor Anusuiya reiterated her confidence in the Assam Rifles’ ability to navigate future challenges with excellence and integrity. She expressed optimism for their continued success in safeguarding the nation’s interests and upholding peace and security in the North-East.



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