Manipur: Inquiry Panel Visits Relief Camps To Hear Plights Of Displaced People

Inquiry panel visits relief camps

Imphal, Manipur

In response to the distressing situation of displaced individuals in Manipur, a Commission of Inquiry led by Justice Ajai Lamba, Retired Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, arrived in Imphal on Tuesday. The purpose of the visit is to gather first-hand information and insights into the challenges faced by those who have been displaced, and to formulate effective measures for their relief and rehabilitation.

The commission, comprising eminent individuals with diverse backgrounds, aims to comprehensively understand the issues surrounding the displacement of people in Manipur. By conducting site visits and interacting directly with those affected, the commission seeks to gain a deeper understanding of their plights, the circumstances leading to their displacement, and the conditions they are currently enduring in various relief camps.

The visit of the commission comes at a crucial time, as the displaced individuals in Manipur are in urgent need of assistance and support. The commission will meticulously examine the living conditions, healthcare facilities, availability of basic amenities, and overall well-being of the displaced population. It will also pay close attention to the specific challenges faced by vulnerable groups, such as women, children, and the elderly.

Furthermore, the commission is expected to liaise with local authorities, relief organizations, and stakeholders involved in relief operations to gather additional information and coordinate efforts. By engaging with key individuals and organizations, the commission aims to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the situation and explore potential avenues for effective relief measures.

The findings and recommendations of the commission will serve as valuable inputs for the government and policymakers in formulating strategies to address the immediate needs and long-term concerns of the displaced individuals in Manipur. The commission’s report is expected to shed light on the underlying causes of the displacement, identify areas for improvement in disaster preparedness and response, and propose measures for the sustainable resettlement and rehabilitation of the affected population.

The visit of the Commission of Inquiry led by Justice Ajai Lamba underscores the commitment to address the plight of displaced individuals in Manipur. It symbolizes a proactive approach towards understanding their challenges, seeking justice, and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to alleviate their suffering and restore normalcy in their lives.



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