Manipur: MLAs Urge Centre To Replace Assam Rifles For Peace Restoration

MLAs urge Centre to replace Assam Rifles

Imphal, Manipur

In the wake of escalating tensions and persistent violence in Manipur, concerned voices are urging the central government to initiate a thorough investigation into the sources of arms and ammunition fueling the unrest. The call for action comes as a crucial step towards restoring peace and stability in the strife-torn region.

Members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) and prominent community leaders have voiced their concerns regarding the proliferation of illegal weapons and ammunition in Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. They argue that curbing the flow of arms is essential to address the root cause of the ongoing conflict and restore tranquility in the state.

The presence of such weaponry has been a cause for alarm, as it not only fuels violence but also hampers development efforts and adversely affects the lives of innocent civilians. The MLAs emphasize that identifying the sources of these arms and ammunition will be instrumental in breaking the cycle of violence and fostering a secure environment for the people of Manipur.

While the Assam Rifles, a paramilitary force deployed in the region, has played a crucial role in maintaining law and order, concerns have been raised regarding their methods and alleged human rights violations. As a result, MLAs are urging the central government to explore alternative approaches to peace restoration, including a comprehensive investigation into the origins and supply chains of these illicit weapons.

The proposed investigation is aimed at dismantling the networks involved in the smuggling and distribution of arms and ammunition. By targeting the root causes of the conflict, the central government can take decisive action against those responsible and prevent further escalation of violence.

Furthermore, community leaders and activists have stressed the need for a multifaceted strategy that addresses the socio-economic factors contributing to the unrest in Manipur. They advocate for initiatives that promote dialogue, inclusivity, and economic development to address the underlying grievances and aspirations of the local population.

The central government now faces the critical task of carefully considering these urgent appeals and taking decisive action. By allocating necessary resources and coordinating efforts with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence services, the government can effectively curb the influx of illegal arms and ammunition into Manipur.

In this delicate situation, the ultimate objective remains the restoration of peace, stability, and the protection of the lives and rights of the people of Manipur. The MLAs and community leaders stand united in their call for immediate action, urging the central government to investigate the sources of arms and ammunition as a vital step towards achieving lasting peace in the region.

As the central government deliberates on the best course of action, the hope is that swift and effective measures will be taken to address the underlying causes of the conflict, providing a ray of hope for the people of Manipur as they strive for a peaceful and prosperous future.



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