Manipur Patriotic Party Calls for Abrogation of SoO to Restore Peace in Manipur


Date: July 1, 2023

Manipur Patriotic Party, represented by Naorem Mohen, General Secretary (Org), has issued a fervent plea to address the ongoing violence and restore peace in Manipur. In an open letter to Rahul Gandhi, despite their political differences, Mohen expresses gratitude for the shared concern over the well-being of the citizens and recognizes the importance of collaboration in seeking a harmonious resolution.

The pressing situation in Manipur demands immediate action as the region continues to witness bloody violence resulting in loss of lives, property destruction, and mass displacement. Mohen emphasizes the urgent need to eliminate the pervasive fear among the population and restore a sense of security and stability.

Key among the concerns raised by Manipur Patriotic Party is the utilization of illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, particularly the Kuki militants, as a means to strengthen political influence. Mohen urges transparent addressing of this issue to find solutions that uphold principles of justice and fairness.

The focal point of the plea is the abrogation of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement between the Government of India and the Kuki militants as the only viable way to restore peace in Manipur. The SoO parties, namely the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and the Zomi Revolutionary Organisation (ZRO), were initially formed during the Kuki-Paite clashes to protect their respective communities. Manipur Patriotic Party highlights the need to reevaluate the effectiveness of the SoO arrangement, signed unofficially in 2005 and officially in 2008.

Mohen sheds light on the troubling activities of the Kuki militants, known as KSM, during the SoO period. They have engaged in acts of harassment, extortion, abduction, ransom calls, and interference in government functioning, akin to Mumbai gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company. The illicit funds generated from these activities, combined with revenue from narco-related operations, have been used to import illegal immigrants, provide them with arms training, and acquire weapons and ammunition.

Manipur Patriotic Party questions the need for the Indian Government to provide special treatment or privileges to the KSM under such circumstances. They express concern over the absence of a declaration by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indian Defence Ministry designating the KSM as terrorists. The comparisons drawn with the dangers posed by providing special treatment to such groups highlight the need for immediate action.

Mohen holds Rahul Gandhi’s party accountable for the SoO agreement, stating that the blame lies with them for unofficially signing it in 2005 and officially in 2008. Manipur Patriotic Party claims that under the patronage of the Congress-led governments, the KSM operated freely, engaging in illegal tax collection and contributing to narco-terrorism and related violence in Manipur.

Manipur Patriotic Party urges Rahul Gandhi to engage in dialogue with Prime Minister Modi and use the collective strength of the Congress Party to scrap the SoO pact. They assert that by doing so, India can resolve the current crisis, ensuring the safety and well-being of all Manipur residents, and safeguarding national security interests in the long run.



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