Manipur Patriotic Party Questions Credibility of Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi


In a scathing statement issued today, the Manipur Patriotic Party (MPP) has raised significant concerns over the credibility of Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi. The MPP has highlighted what they deem as an “appalling track record” of Gogoi’s own political party, urging the public to scrutinize his actions and affiliations.

The MPP accuses Gaurav Gogoi of conveniently ignoring the history of his own party’s involvement in mistreating a tribal woman in Assam. They assert that his moral standing has been undermined due to the Congress party’s historical role in the mistreatment of a tribal woman during the tenure of Gogoi’s father, late Shri Tarun Gogoi, as Chief Minister. The party challenges Gogoi’s vocal stance against other Chief Ministers, given his own party’s history.

The statement also condemns Gaurav Gogoi’s recent comments regarding Manipur’s Chief Minister, N Biren Singh. The MPP questions his audacious suggestion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should intervene and replace the Chief Minister, labeling it as disrespectful and indicative of hidden political agendas.

The ongoing turmoil in Manipur, characterized by political maneuvering and power struggles, is lamented by the MPP. They express frustration that critical issues like illegal immigration, drug trade, and poppy cultivation are being overshadowed by political theatrics. The MPP emphasizes that rather than addressing root causes, the focus seems to be on playing the blame game, sidelining genuine efforts toward comprehensive solutions for Manipur.

The party asserts that the current situation mirrors a historical legacy of suppressing indigenous communities, akin to a page from the British playbook. The MPP is critical of opposition parties, including Congress, for amplifying the demands of Kuki militants within the Indian Parliament, which they believe undermines rationality and integrity.

The Manipur Patriotic Party calls for a closer examination of Gaurav Gogoi’s political affiliations and actions, while urging a more sincere and solution-focused approach to addressing Manipur’s challenges. They assert that the path forward requires a genuine commitment to the welfare of Manipur’s people, free from political calculations and divisive agendas.



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