Manipur Violence: 40 Injured as Police Clash with Students Protesting Deaths of Missing Youths


Manipur witnessed a clash between police forces and protesting students on September 26, resulting in the injury of 40 individuals. The demonstrators were rallying against the tragic deaths of two youths who had gone missing in July.

The incident unfolded after distressing images of the deceased youths circulated widely on social media platforms on September 25, sparking outrage and a call for justice. Students mobilized in large numbers, demanding accountability for the gruesome killings.

Tensions peaked as the protesters attempted to advance towards the Chief Minister’s secretariat. In response, security forces utilized tear gas and resorted to baton-charging to disperse the agitated crowd. This aggressive maneuver further exacerbated the situation.

The injured protesters were promptly transported to various hospitals in the vicinity for medical attention. Among the prominent schools participating in the demonstration were TG Higher Secondary School, Johnstone Higher Secondary School, Ibotonsana Higher Secondary School, and CC Higher Secondary School.

Addressing the gathering, a spokesperson for the demonstrators voiced their collective condemnation of the heinous crime committed against the two Meitei students who vanished on July 6 amidst the ongoing crisis. The students expressed their determination to seek justice and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Efforts to reach Raj Bhawan and the CM Bungalow were thwarted by a strong police presence, which halted the procession approximately 50 meters from Raj Bhawan. The ensuing clash saw law enforcement disperse the crowd with a barrage of tear gas and smoke bombs.

As slogans resounded, echoing the sentiments of the aggrieved, cries for justice and demands for swift action against the culprits reverberated through the streets, underscoring the resolve of Manipur’s youth in their pursuit of justice for their fallen peers.

The incident has cast a pall over the region, prompting a fervent call for a thorough and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two missing youths. The authorities are yet to provide an official statement regarding the incident.



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