Manipur violence Internet ban extended


In response to the prevailing security concerns, the Manipur government has decided to extend the suspension of internet services in the state, including broadband connections. This move aims to maintain peace and stability in the region amidst the ongoing challenges faced by the local administration.

The decision to prolong the internet ban comes as the government continues to grapple with the escalating violence and unrest in certain parts of Manipur. By restricting online communication channels, authorities hope to prevent the spread of misinformation and curb the potential for further incitement of violence.

The suspension of internet services, which was initially implemented as a temporary measure, has been extended to address the prevailing security situation effectively. While this decision undoubtedly impacts the daily lives of residents, the government maintains that it is a necessary step to maintain law and order and safeguard the welfare of its citizens.

During this period, internet users in Manipur will face limitations in accessing online services, including social media platforms, instant messaging applications, and other online communication channels. The extension of the internet ban is expected to remain in place until the security situation improves significantly, and the risk of violence subsides.

The government urges the residents of Manipur to cooperate with the authorities during these challenging times, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to restore peace and normalcy. It is advised that individuals stay informed through alternative means of communication, such as local news outlets, official government updates, and community networks.

Efforts are underway to enhance security measures and promote dialogue between relevant stakeholders to address the underlying issues that have led to the current situation. The government remains committed to resolving the ongoing conflicts and ensuring the well-being of all residents in Manipur.

As the situation evolves, the government will continue to assess the need for the internet ban and make necessary adjustments based on the prevailing security conditions. Regular updates regarding the status of the internet services will be communicated to the public through official channels.

In these challenging times, the people of Manipur are encouraged to remain vigilant, adhere to law and order, and support initiatives that promote peace and harmony within their communities.



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