Manipur violence Security forces recover 22 more looted weapons on day 4 of combing operations


In a significant development during the ongoing joint combing operations in Manipur, security forces announced the recovery of 22 weapons that had been looted by miscreants. This breakthrough occurred on the fourth day of the concerted effort to restore peace and security in the troubled region.

The joint combing operations, which involve multiple security agencies working in tandem, have been intensively carried out across various areas of Manipur. The primary objective of these operations is to locate and apprehend those responsible for recent acts of violence and to recover weapons that have been illicitly acquired.

The successful recovery of 22 weapons marks a crucial milestone in the endeavor to curb the proliferation of firearms and restore stability in the region. The weapons, which had been stolen by unidentified miscreants, were located and seized during targeted search operations.

Authorities have commended the coordinated efforts of the security forces and their commitment to tackling the prevailing violence in Manipur. The recovery of these weapons not only contributes to the disarmament of potential threats but also acts as a deterrent against further criminal activities.

The seized weapons include a variety of firearms, including rifles and handguns, which could have potentially been used to perpetuate acts of violence. The retrieval of these weapons ensures that they will no longer pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the local population.

Efforts are currently underway to investigate the origin of the looted weapons and to ascertain the individuals or groups responsible for their theft. Authorities are determined to bring the culprits to justice and dismantle any networks involved in the illegal arms trade.

The successful recovery of these weapons serves as a reminder of the resolve of security forces to maintain law and order in Manipur. The joint combing operations will continue with undeterred vigor as the agencies involved remain committed to creating a secure environment for the residents of the region.

The recovery of these weapons is expected to significantly enhance the safety and security of the affected areas, instilling a sense of relief among the local populace. The joint combing operations represent a collaborative effort to restore normalcy and pave the way for peace and prosperity in Manipur.

As the combing operations progress, the security forces are determined to build upon this success and work towards a lasting solution that addresses the underlying issues contributing to the violence in the region. The recovery of these looted weapons is a step forward in that direction, reaffirming the commitment to a peaceful and harmonious Manipur.



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