Manipur’s Gift to 34 Ethnic Tribes: Library Halls for Cultural Enrichment


We approach the celebratory season of Christmas and the advent of New Year 2024, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has brought forth two significant gifts for the people of the state.

Library Halls for Cultural Diversity

In a heartening announcement, Chief Minister N Biren Singh has declared the construction of a dedicated library hall for each of the 34 recognized ethnic tribes in Manipur. This initiative serves as a thoughtful Christmas and New Year gift to the people, aiming to promote knowledge and cultural enrichment across communities.

Fostering Peaceful Progress

Singh, acknowledging the gradual return of peace to the state with the collective support of its residents, extended advance Christmas and New Year wishes to the people. This gesture reflects a collective aspiration for a harmonious and prosperous future.

Inauguration of Hills Chiefs Guest House

In addition to the library halls, Chief Minister N Biren Singh announced the upcoming inauguration of the Hills Chiefs Guest House before the onset of the New Year. The guest house, named ‘Chinggi Ningthousinggi Thungpham Yum,’ is constructed with a vision to strengthen ties between the hills and the valley in the state.

Strategic Location and Funding

The Hills Chiefs Guest House, with an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 7 crore, is strategically positioned inside the Royal Palace complex in Imphal, funded by the North Eastern Council. Its location, in proximity to the Manipur Chief Minister’s Bungalow, symbolizes a commitment to fostering connections.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The Sagai ethnic park in Moirang, Bishnupur district, showcases replicas of traditional huts representing the 34 different tribes of Manipur. This cultural display adds to the state’s allure as a major tourist attraction, celebrating and preserving its rich diversity.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s initiatives align with the spirit of the season, focusing on cultural preservation, knowledge dissemination, and fostering unity among the diverse communities of Manipur.



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