Manipur’s Health Minister Demands Strict Rules To End Female Foeticide


Manipur’s Health Minister, Dr. S Ranjan Singh, spoke on Wednesday in favor of adopting strict rules and regulations to end female foeticide.

The Minister of Health in Manipur has asked officials in the Ministry of Health to closely monitor the state health centres and ensure that there is no female foeticide.

Manipur’s Health Minister, Dr. S Ranjan Singh, called a crucial meeting on Wednesday in the Office of the Family Protection Directorate.

The Manipur health minister said the meeting was arranged to strengthen the implementation of the PC & PNDT Act/ Rules in the state.

He said that the Indian Parliament enacted the PCPNDT Act to stop women’s feticide in the country.

The Manipur health minister also highlighted the cases of gender discrimination during the course of the meeting.

The meeting also discussed various measures to prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex and female feticide and to improve the proportion of the sexes in Manipur.


Female foeticide is the process of determining the gender of the fetus and undergoing an abortion if it is a girl.

Even though it is illegal, many people still practice it.

Additionally, there are some communities that practice female infanticide—the practice of killing the girl once she is born.

According to certain provisions of the Indian Penal Code, forced abortion, the death of an unborn child, or the intentional prevention of the birth of a living child are punishable offenses.
Furthermore, the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, considers the practice of sex-selective abortion using prenatal diagnostic techniques as a punishable offense.