Mayor Visited Shakuntala Road and Jackson Gate to Check the Preparations for Chaitra Mela


Agartala Pura Nigam Mayor Deepak Majumdar visited Shakuntala Road and Jackson Gate area on Sunday to check the preparations for Chaitra Mela. Chaitra Mela is being held under the management of Agartala Corporation at Shakuntala Road and Jackson Gate area of Agartala city from April 4th.

The fair will continue till April 14 i.e 11 days Pur Nigam Mela is being arranged this year like every year with the aim that the businessmen from the poor sections can come to Agartala city in the month of Chaitra and earn as expected income. However, the corporation authority will not collect any kind of space rent or tax from the small traders who will do business in the fair Such a decision has been taken keeping in mind the businessmen of the poor sections In response to the questions of journalists who came to inspect the preparation of the fair on Sunday, the mayor said that all the verbal complaints received that some people are trying to extort money are being investigated. Pur Nigam Mayor Deepak Majumder has warned that strict measures will be taken against them if they get the documentary information.



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