Meat Seller Hanged After Argument With Gamblers


On Friday night a meat seller hanged after an argument broke out among gamblers at GB Market in the Agartala Government Medical College area. So far no arrests have been done on this incident the police said.

The victim’s name is Shyamal Das and his age is 48 years. He was a meat seller who lived in Vivekananda Housing Complex near the GB Market. He was beaten to death in front of a police officer who was at the venue of the gambling when the dispute broke out.

The Police constable was allegedly accused of making no efforts during this incident. The source also said that the gamblers were assembled inside a snack shop.

Shyamal Das’s body was recovered from the snack shop balcony. The police have identified three people involved in this incident.

Another similar incident happened when a man was lynched by a mob after they suspected him of being a child-lifter. The incident happened in the Dhemaji district of Assam. The victim is said to be in his 30s and mentally not stabled.