Durga Puja Initiated By Previous Royal Dynasty In Tripura


Durga Puja initiated by the previous royal dynasty is sponsored by the Tripura government for the past seven decades. They continue to draw devotees from different parts of India and the neighboring countries.

Tripura is the only state in India that continues to sponsor over 500 years old Durga puja that is also closely overseen by the erstwhile royal family. Tripura is governed by the left and non-left parties as it merged with the Indian union about 73 years ago.

The Puja began on Saturday with ‘Maha Sasthi’ or ‘Bodhan’ by welcoming Durga idols at the famous Durgabari temple, which is located in front of the 121 years old Ujjayanta Palace, in one of the biggest royal mansions in east India. The head Priest of Durgabari temple Jayanta Bhattacharjee informed that the after some years of the beginning of the royal era the king started Durga Puja which is around 500 years ago.

He added, “The capital of the princely dynasty along with the royal temple moved to three different places – Udaipur, Amarpura and Puran Habeli before the state headquarters and the capital city along with the Durgabari temple was settled in Agartala 184 years ago in 1838.”