Meet Dr. Priyanka Maurya, a renowned Homeopath Doctor, Social Worker, and esteemed BJP Politician


Dr. Priyanka Maurya was the face of the Congress “Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon” campaign during the year 2022 assembly election and has now joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Shri Keshav Prasad Maurya, deputy chief minister (UP), at the time of the press conference in Vidhan Sabha, Lucknow, welcomed Dr. Maurya into BJP.

Dr. Priyanka Maurya graced the cover of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s popular women’s manifesto Ladki Hoon, Lad Shakti Hoon: A Campaign of Congress. The women’s marathon, which was a part of the Congress campaign, has faced opposition from Dr. Priyanka for the way it was conducted. Despite being a deserving candidate, she claimed the campaign was fraudulent because she was denied the ticket because she couldn’t afford it. She claimed that “Congress utilized me for their own gain; used her to lure OBC voters in Uttar Pradesh. They had already made up their minds to award the ticket to someone else who would pay a bribe to them.” Dr. Priyanka Maurya resigned from Congress and began campaigning against the party. As a result, Congress’s almost lost all the seats and was only able to win two seats in the state, which was very embarrassing for the Congress party.

Dr. Priyanka Maurya has over 1 million followers on social media. Presently, she is serving as a senior BJP leader. She has campaigned for several BJP candidates during the state assembly election of 2022 in Uttar Pradesh. She is a successful homeopathic physician and consultant by profession, and she is also actively involved in social work with one of India’s oldest non-governmental organizations, the Atal Bharat Trust. She is a founding member of Neki Ki Deewar in Lucknow, the National Coordinator at Roti Bank, and the Shambhuka Foundation’s National Vice President. Dr. Priyanka Maurya is actively involved in two awareness campaigns: an anti-drug awareness program led by central state minister Shri Kaushal Kishore and a Lucknow road safety awareness program. To date, over 1 lakh people have been forced to spread anti-drug awareness under her leadership.

From assisting poor people in obtaining free medical advice during Covid-19 and lockdown days to organizing blood donation drives and raising awareness about cleanliness, hygiene, food nutrition, and other health-related issues. Dr. Priyanka Maurya has been working tirelessly to provide exceptional assistance and experience with her exceptional magnitude. Dr. Priyanka Maurya won the Women of Excellence Award in 2020 and was bestowed the RedFm Achievers Award in 2021.

Dr. Priyanka Maurya intends to use her extensive social work experience to assist and serve the underprivileged, as well as to establish herself as a role model and contribute to nation-building.



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