Tripura’s Farmers Yield in Profit On Mustard Oilseeds Cultivation


Farmers of Tripura have gained a huge profit this time in the cultivation of mustard oil. Due to the heavy pricing of several oils like Mustard oil, soybean oil, palm oil, etc, farmers got the motivation to cultivate oilseeds in huge amounts. And hence then, oilseed cultivation resulted in great profit.

During the cultivation season of oilseeds, Tripura farmers have sown about 30 hectares in the Sipahijhala district. Tripura has all the sources of oils from outside the state. About 90% of oil is imported outside the state. A scheme for the cultivation of oils will be provided by the government. This scheme will increase oil production in the state.

Lots of other initiatives are upcoming for increasing the production of oils. The consumers had to pay a lot for oils. The profit made by the Tripura farmers is great. Ashit Bhatarjee said, “Many farmers in our locality have cultivated mustard in an increased area to profit from higher prices of edible oil in the market. And we are expecting a good profit this year.”

He also said, “Soybean oil is still dearer. Besides, many people now prefer mustard oil to soybean oil.”



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