Meet Hiker Arun – An electrical engineer who has done 40+ treks in the Himalayas


Being an electrical engineer, he had an overwhelming love for trekking, Mountaineering, and other adventure from his adulthood.

Trekking is a courageous and bold feat to embark upon, full of risks and dangers. It seems wonderful to know that he has completed 40+ treks in the Himalayas. It would have been a great journey. He was always interested in adventures and trying out new things. He did his first solo trek in 2015. For the last few years, he has been exploring different peaks. The highest peak conquered by him is friendship peak (altitude – 17345 ft).

On a solo trek, being fit is even more important. Not only do you have to trek long distances, but you also have to set up your own camp, carry water from sources, dig a cat hole for yourself, cook, and clean up once you are done. Sometimes it becomes risky too. But according to Hiker Arun, “The biggest advantage of solo trekking is that you get to use your own skills while going through the solo trek. You will be getting the strength that lets you enjoy your own abilities and this prepares you for any future adventures.”

Arun choudhary – Trekker & Explorer



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