Meet “Sonzal Publisher” and “KinderLot Tech’s” CEO Hashim Tariq Bhat the name behind many successful ventures


Hasim Tariq Bhat India’s one of the most young photographers. For more than years of experience in photography, he has been working and teaching photography all over, through his practical workshops.

Hashim loves to spread his knowledge and give time to teach photography to all the photography enthusiastic people who look up to him.

After identifying and acknowledging her love and enthusiasm for photography, it was obvious for hashim to dream of a career in the same. But nevertheless, due to the conventional society’s norms on professions, it was nothing less than a challenge to stand up for what he was planning to chase.

Hashim also teaches their students how to earn money from photography to invest in your passion, which is usually the major concern of many emerging young photographers.

About Hashim Tariq Bhat:

Hashim Tariq Bhat Born on 12 October 2002 is a picture taker and founder of kinderLot Tech and Sonzal Publisher belongs to Ganderbal Kashmir. He was destined to a Kashmir Muslim family.

He attended Crescent Public school in Srinagar before beginning his B.A. Studies at Amar Singh College where he left after one year. Hashim is a student of Central University of Kashmir where his major Subject is B. VOC Tourism and Hospitality.

His Business Modules:

Hashim Loves to catch and Investigate New places inside in his camera.
He has a rule journey to visit various high elevations of the valley.

In 2021 he started an ebook publishing platform named Sonzal Publishers, after that in 2022 he started a digital marketing company. Kinderlot Tech is a Digital Marketing company based in India founded on 23 Nov 2022 by Hashim Tariq Bhat. specializes in digital marketing services that yield high-end results. We build quality websites and apps, design eye-catching logos and social media content, rank your business higher on the search engines, get you interviewed and featured on famous news channels and magazines, and effectively market your products and services on social media by both organic and paid marketing.

Hashim also gives tips to their students like Pre-visualization. Moreover, timing is extremely important in travel and deep valleys and elevated mountain photography. You have to be at the right place at the right time with all the settings right with full patience and perseverance to capture the perfect shot. Your cameras focusing capabilities also matters but just because of this thing in mind many people don’t try to attempt it with their entry or mid level DSLRs and basic lenses, your finger on the shutter button, quality of cards also matters a lot, so next time when you get an opportunity, be ready with all your concepts right and try to make an amazing story telling Photograph.

In the future, he is looking forward to working across the globe and wants to grow manifolds and continue to live his passion.



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