Meghalaya 3 Lakh Youth Consume Drugs In Sate: CM Conrad Sangma

3lakh youth consume drugs in state

Introduction: Shillong, the vibrant capital city of Meghalaya, stood united on the occasion of the International Day Against Drug and Illicit Trafficking. The event, marked annually on June 26th, served as a platform for the community to come together and address the pressing issue of drug abuse and its associated challenges. In the face of this growing concern, CM Conrad Sangma took center stage, highlighting the need for collective efforts to combat drug consumption among the youth population.

Raising Awareness: The International Day Against Drug and Illicit Trafficking in Shillong witnessed an array of events aimed at raising awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility within the community. Public rallies, informative workshops, and interactive sessions were conducted throughout the city, drawing attention to the devastating consequences of drug abuse and the importance of prevention.

CM Conrad Sangma’s Address: During his address, CM Conrad Sangma expressed his concern over the alarming number of youth falling victim to drug addiction in the state. He cited a staggering statistic, indicating that approximately three lakh young individuals in Meghalaya are believed to be consuming drugs. Sangma emphasized the urgency of the situation, emphasizing that the government alone cannot tackle this menace. He called upon all stakeholders, including citizens, community leaders, and law enforcement agencies, to collaborate in an all-out effort to combat the drug crisis.

Collaborative Approach: Recognizing that the battle against drug abuse requires a multifaceted approach, CM Sangma outlined several key strategies to address the issue comprehensively. These included increasing the accessibility of rehabilitation centers, strengthening the drug enforcement agencies, and promoting community engagement to prevent drug usage among the youth.

Government Initiatives: The Meghalaya government, under CM Sangma’s leadership, has already taken proactive steps to curb drug abuse. Several rehabilitation centers have been established across the state, offering counseling, treatment, and support to those affected. Additionally, efforts are being made to enhance the efficiency and capacity of law enforcement agencies to crack down on drug trafficking and illicit activities.

Conclusion: The International Day Against Drug and Illicit Trafficking served as a rallying point for Shillong’s residents to address the critical issue of drug abuse and its detrimental effects on the youth. With CM Conrad Sangma at the forefront, the community displayed its determination to combat this menace through collective action, awareness campaigns, and the implementation of comprehensive strategies. It is hoped that these initiatives will create a safer and drug-free environment, nurturing a brighter future for the youth of Meghalaya.



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