Meghalaya: Activist Accuses Authorities Of Non-Compliance With HC On Coal Mining

Activist accuses authorities of non-compliance with HC on coal mining


An activist in Shillong has recently lodged a formal complaint against the police department, district administration, and other relevant departments, accusing them of failing to adhere to the directives issued by the Meghalaya High Court concerning coal mining activities in the region. The complaint raises concerns about the alleged lack of compliance, which has led to increased environmental degradation and potential violations of mining regulations.


Meghalaya, a state known for its significant coal reserves, has been grappling with the contentious issue of coal mining. Over the years, the unregulated and illegal practices associated with coal extraction have led to severe environmental consequences, prompting interventions by environmental bodies and the judiciary. In response to these concerns, the Meghalaya High Court issued specific orders and guidelines to regulate and monitor mining activities in the region.

The Allegations:

The activist, whose identity remains undisclosed, has taken a stand against what they perceive as the authorities’ disregard for the High Court’s orders. The complaint highlights the alleged non-compliance by the police department, district administration, and other concerned departments responsible for overseeing and enforcing mining regulations. It asserts that their failure to act has resulted in continued environmental degradation, posing risks to the region’s ecosystem and violating the court’s directives.

Impact on the Environment:

The unabated coal mining activities have raised serious concerns about the long-term sustainability of Meghalaya’s fragile ecosystem. The absence of proper regulations and enforcement mechanisms has allowed unscrupulous operators to exploit the resources, leading to deforestation, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. The activist argues that strict adherence to the High Court’s orders is crucial to mitigate these detrimental effects and safeguard the environment for future generations.

Legal and Administrative Challenges:

The complaint filed by the activist emphasizes the need for effective implementation of the court’s directives to ensure compliance with mining regulations. However, challenges such as lack of resources, inadequate infrastructure, and coordination issues between various departments often hinder the enforcement process. It remains to be seen how the authorities respond to these allegations and address the concerns raised by the activist.

Way Forward:

The complaint against the police department, district administration, and other relevant departments serves as a reminder of the pressing need for stringent monitoring and regulation of coal mining activities in Meghalaya. The alleged non-compliance with the High Court’s orders underscores the importance of administrative accountability and the need for collaborative efforts between concerned departments to address the issue effectively. The authorities must prioritize the preservation of the environment and take immediate action to ensure compliance with the court’s directives.


The complaint lodged by the activist in Shillong sheds light on the alleged non-compliance with the Meghalaya High Court’s orders on coal mining in the region. The accusations leveled against the police department, district administration, and other concerned departments call for urgent action to rectify the situation and prevent further environmental degradation. As the matter unfolds, it remains to be seen how the authorities will respond and what steps will be taken to ensure the enforcement of mining regulations and protect Meghalaya’s fragile ecosystem.



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