Meghalaya Days after GNLA regrouping report, outfit ‘appoints’ new chief executive director & secretary


Shillong, Meghalaya – In a concerning turn of events, the dormant militant outfit in Meghalaya, the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), has reportedly regrouped and taken steps to strengthen its organization. Just days after initial reports of their resurgence and recruitment efforts, the outfit has now appointed a new Chief Executive Director and Secretary, signaling their intent to ramp up activities.

The GNLA, known for its past involvement in acts of violence and insurgency in the region, had been largely inactive in recent years due to successful security operations by state and central forces. However, recent reports have indicated a resurgence in their activities, sparking fears of a renewed threat to peace and stability in the region.

Sources suggest that the outfit has chosen a new Chief Executive Director, who will be responsible for leading and coordinating the group’s operations. Alongside this appointment, a Secretary has also been appointed to handle administrative and organizational matters. These appointments indicate a concerted effort by the GNLA to reestablish its hierarchy and revitalize its operations.

The development has raised concerns among security agencies and the local populace, who had hoped that the peace achieved in recent years would prevail. The regrouping of the GNLA and the appointment of new leadership have sparked a renewed urgency for authorities to address the situation promptly and decisively.

Efforts to counter the outfit’s resurgence are expected to involve a comprehensive approach, including increased intelligence gathering, proactive law enforcement measures, and community engagement initiatives. The state government, in collaboration with security forces, is likely to devise a strategy to effectively tackle the emerging threat.

The authorities are also expected to intensify efforts to discourage recruitment into militant outfits by highlighting the benefits of peace, development, and inclusive growth. It is crucial to address the underlying grievances and issues that might attract individuals to join such organizations, thereby minimizing the appeal of militancy.

The GNLA’s resurgence serves as a stark reminder that vigilance is necessary to maintain the hard-earned peace in Meghalaya. The state and central governments, in close cooperation with security agencies, must swiftly respond to these developments to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.

While the situation remains fluid, efforts to counter the regrouping of the GNLA and prevent any further escalation of violence are paramount. The focus must be on maintaining law and order, promoting dialogue, and addressing the root causes that contribute to the rise of militant outfits in the region.

As the situation unfolds, authorities and concerned stakeholders will continue to monitor the developments closely, making every effort to safeguard the peace and security of Meghalaya.



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