Meghalaya: Expert Committee seeks written justification from parties over reservation policy


The city of Shillong recently played host to a significant event as the Expert Committee on the Roster System, chaired by Ampareen Lyngdoh, gathered on May 30 to deliberate upon Meghalaya’s State Reservation Policy (SRP). The committee’s primary objective was to initiate a meaningful dialogue among political parties in the state, aiming to address the intricacies surrounding the reservation policy.

Chaired by esteemed member Ampareen Lyngdoh, the Expert Committee’s meeting proved to be a crucial platform for policymakers and political representatives to come together and provide written justifications for their respective stances on the SRP. By promoting open and constructive discussions, the committee sought to foster an environment where diverse viewpoints could be understood and integrated into the decision-making process.

The State Reservation Policy (SRP) has long been a subject of intense debate in Meghalaya. Recognizing the significance of this issue and the need for informed decision-making, the Expert Committee undertook the responsibility of studying the existing policies, analyzing their impact, and evaluating potential improvements. The committee’s overarching goal was to arrive at a consensus-based approach that would effectively address concerns related to reservation while promoting inclusivity and equitable opportunities for all sections of society.

During the meeting, members of the committee and political party representatives engaged in comprehensive discussions, exchanging ideas, opinions, and perspectives on the SRP. The written justifications provided by each party played a vital role in articulating their stance on the policy, enabling a thorough examination of the various factors at play.

By facilitating this dialogue, the Expert Committee on the Roster System aimed to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and collaboration among stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, the committee sought to address any potential gaps or shortcomings in the current reservation policy, ensuring that it adequately serves the interests of all communities within the state.

The outcomes of this significant meeting are expected to shape future discussions and deliberations on Meghalaya’s State Reservation Policy (SRP). The Expert Committee’s dedication to fostering a constructive dialogue among political parties signals a proactive approach towards resolving the complex challenges associated with reservation policies. As the committee continues its work, it remains committed to upholding the principles of inclusivity and fairness, ultimately striving to create a robust reservation policy that benefits the diverse population of Meghalaya.



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