Assam govt to procure mustard at Rs 5460 per quintal from local farmers


Guwahati: In a significant move aimed at supporting local farmers and promoting agricultural development, the Assam government has recently unveiled its plan to establish procurement centers throughout the region. These centers will serve as direct platforms for the purchase of mustard seeds from farmers.

The procurement centers, strategically located across various districts of Assam, will streamline the process of acquiring mustard seeds directly from the farmers who cultivate them. By eliminating intermediaries, this initiative seeks to ensure fair prices for the farmers’ produce and enhance their economic viability.

Under this scheme, the Assam government has pledged to procure mustard seeds from farmers at an announced rate of Rs 5460 per quintal. This price has been set to provide a lucrative income source for farmers while maintaining a sustainable market value.

The establishment of these procurement centers is expected to bring several benefits to the farming community. Firstly, it will offer farmers a convenient and reliable avenue to sell their produce, reducing their dependence on middlemen and mitigating the associated challenges. By simplifying the selling process, farmers can save time and effort while receiving fair compensation for their hard work.

Furthermore, this direct procurement approach will enable the government to have better control over the quality of mustard seeds entering the market. By establishing quality standards and guidelines, the government aims to ensure that only superior-quality seeds are purchased, thereby bolstering the overall quality of mustard production in the region.

The Assam government’s decision to procure mustard seeds directly from farmers also aligns with its broader objective of promoting local agriculture and fostering rural development. By empowering farmers and facilitating their access to the market, the government envisions a strengthened agricultural sector that contributes to the state’s overall growth.

The Assam government’s announcement of the establishment of procurement centers to purchase mustard seeds from farmers signifies a progressive step towards supporting the agricultural community. This initiative aims to offer farmers fair prices for their produce, streamline the selling process, and enhance the quality of mustard production. By fostering a conducive environment for farmers, the government is laying the groundwork for a robust agricultural sector in Assam.



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