Meghalaya: Proposed Rs 2,500 crore For A New Administrative City


In a groundbreaking development for the state of Meghalaya, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has unveiled an ambitious budget proposal exceeding Rs 2,500 crore. The initiative aims to construct a new administrative city near Shillong, marking a significant step towards centralizing administrative functions for improved public service accessibility.

The proposed administrative city is slated to emerge in Mawdiangdiang, strategically positioned around 12 kilometres from Shillong’s city centre. This visionary plan encompasses not only the construction of key administrative buildings but also includes the development of essential infrastructure, ranging from road connectivity to water supply.

The decision to establish a new administrative hub reflects a forward-thinking approach, seeking to streamline government operations and enhance efficiency. By consolidating administrative functions in a single location, the government aims to create a more cohesive and accessible system for citizens.

The focal point of this initiative is the comprehensive development of Mawdiangdiang, transforming it into a well-equipped administrative hub. The proposed administrative city will house key government offices, facilitating seamless coordination and communication between different departments. This centralization is expected to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and improve the overall efficiency of public service delivery.

One of the critical aspects of the plan involves the construction of state-of-the-art administrative buildings, equipped with modern facilities and technology to support the evolving needs of governance. These structures will not only serve as functional offices but also stand as symbols of Meghalaya’s commitment to progress and development.

Furthermore, the government’s holistic approach extends beyond the administrative buildings. The comprehensive plan includes the development of vital infrastructure components such as road connectivity and water supply. Improved road networks will ensure smooth accessibility to the administrative city, fostering easier travel for government officials and citizens alike. Additionally, a robust water supply system is integral to sustaining the growing administrative hub.

The proposed administrative city aligns with the broader vision of creating a conducive environment for governance, fostering innovation, and promoting economic growth in the region. The Chief Minister’s commitment to this transformative project underscores the government’s dedication to enhancing public services and promoting Meghalaya as a hub of efficient governance.

As the wheels are set in motion for this monumental undertaking, Meghalaya anticipates a positive impact on the lives of its citizens, ushering in a new era of streamlined governance and improved public service accessibility. The proposed administrative city near Shillong stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to progress, setting the stage for a brighter and more efficiently governed future.



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