Meghalaya: Two Arrested With Fake Currency Worth Rs 10.35 Lakh in GH


In a commendable display of coordinated efforts, the Meghalaya Police conducted a successful joint operation between the North and West Garo Hills districts, resulting in the apprehension of two individuals and the seizure of a substantial amount of counterfeit Indian currency. The operation, carried out in the city of Tura, uncovered fake notes amounting to a staggering Rs 30.35 lakh.

Acting on reliable intelligence, the police swiftly mobilized their forces and launched the operation to tackle the growing menace of counterfeit currency in the region. The combined efforts of law enforcement officers from both districts ensured the success of this critical operation.

During the operation, the two suspects were intercepted by the police, who found them in possession of a large quantity of counterfeit banknotes. The fake currency, meticulously crafted to resemble genuine notes, amounted to an astonishing Rs 30.35 lakh. The meticulousness of the counterfeiters’ work highlighted the need for enhanced vigilance and expertise to combat such illicit activities.

The Meghalaya Police, known for their dedication and professionalism, are leaving no stone unturned in their fight against counterfeit currency. With this recent breakthrough, they have dealt a significant blow to the networks responsible for circulating fake notes, aiming to disrupt the stability of the economy and create financial hardships for innocent citizens.

The apprehension of the suspects is a clear indication of the Meghalaya Police’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of the public. Their relentless efforts have not only curtailed the circulation of counterfeit currency but have also sent a strong message to potential offenders that illegal activities will not be tolerated.

The police have launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter to unravel the intricate network involved in producing and distributing the counterfeit notes. By tracing the origins of the fake currency, the authorities hope to dismantle the criminal infrastructure responsible for this illicit trade.

The Meghalaya Police have urged citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals involved in the circulation of counterfeit currency. They have emphasized the importance of public cooperation in combating this pervasive problem, which poses a threat to the stability of the local economy and the financial security of individuals.

The successful joint operation between the North and West Garo Hills districts stands as a testament to the Meghalaya Police’s determination to combat economic crimes and maintain law and order. Their relentless pursuit of justice and the commitment to protect the public from financial fraud will undoubtedly inspire confidence among the residents of Meghalaya.

As the investigation progresses, the Meghalaya Police are hopeful of uncovering additional details that will aid in dismantling the counterfeit currency racket. Their unwavering dedication to maintaining peace and security serves as a beacon of hope for the region, fostering a sense of trust and security among the local populace.

The arrest of the two individuals and the recovery of a substantial amount of counterfeit currency will undoubtedly have a significant impact on reducing the circulation of fake notes in Tura and its surrounding areas. The Meghalaya Police’s resolute stance against economic crimes sets an example for other law enforcement agencies across the nation, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts to combat such illicit activities.

By thwarting the operations of counterfeiters and preserving the integrity of the financial system, the Meghalaya Police have once again demonstrated their commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the interests of the citizens they serve.



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