Traffic Police Issue Special Instructions for IPL Match in Guwahati

Brashapara Stadium

In the excitement of IPL match on May 19 at Brashapara Stadium in Guwahati, the Traffic Police have issued special instructions to ensure smooth vehicle movement and public safety. The upcoming match, expected to draw a large crowd, has necessitated a series of traffic measures, including a ban on the movement of commercial vehicles on several key roads and highways.

The Traffic Police’s plan aims to alleviate congestion and facilitate hassle-free access to the stadium for cricket enthusiasts. Authorities have announced that commercial vehicles will be restricted from entering certain areas from early morning until the conclusion of the match. This ban includes heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries, which are known to contribute significantly to traffic jams.

To further streamline the flow of vehicles, designated parking zones have been established near the stadium. These zones will be clearly marked, and traffic personnel will be stationed to guide drivers to the appropriate spots. Additionally, traffic diversions will be in place to redirect vehicles away from the stadium’s immediate vicinity, minimizing potential bottlenecks.

Residents and commuters are advised to plan their routes in advance, taking into account the temporary road closures and diversions. Public transportation services will operate on an increased frequency to accommodate the surge in passengers heading to the match. The Traffic Police encourage the use of public transport to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road, thereby easing traffic congestion.

In a statement, the Traffic Police highlighted the importance of cooperation from the public to ensure the effectiveness of these measures. They urged motorists to follow the instructions of traffic personnel and adhere to the posted signs and signals. Violations of the traffic restrictions could result in fines or other penalties.

Emergency services will remain fully operational, with dedicated lanes for ambulances and other emergency vehicles to ensure they can navigate through the traffic without delay. The Traffic Police have coordinated with local hospitals and emergency response teams to be on standby for any incidents that may arise.

Overall, these traffic management measures aim to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees of the IPL match at Brashapara Stadium. The Traffic Police’s proactive approach reflects their commitment to maintaining order and ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles during this major sporting event. As fans gear up for the exciting match, adherence to these instructions will play a crucial role in the event’s success.



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