Assam’s Riyan Parag Selected for NCA’s High Performance Monitoring Programme

Riyan Parag

Talking about cricket career, Assam’s Riyan Parag has been selected for the National Cricket Academy’s (NCA) High Performance Monitoring Programme. The All India Men’s Selection Committee announced Parag’s inclusion for the prestigious programme ahead of the 2024-25 domestic cricket season, marking a pivotal moment in his journey as a cricketer.

Parag, a promising young talent from Assam, has been making waves in the cricketing circuit with his impressive performances in both domestic and IPL matches. His selection for the NCA’s programme underscores his potential and the high expectations placed on him by the cricketing authorities.

The High Performance Monitoring Programme at the NCA is designed to identify and nurture the country’s most talented cricketers. By providing advanced training and development resources, the NCA aims to elevate these players to new heights in their careers. Parag will have access to top-tier coaching, cutting-edge facilities, and a rigorous regimen aimed at refining his skills and enhancing his performance.

Parag’s journey has been marked by significant achievements, including standout performances in the IPL, where he has represented Rajasthan Royals with distinction. His ability to handle pressure and deliver in crucial moments has caught the eye of selectors and fans alike. The NCA’s programme will provide him with an invaluable opportunity to further hone his skills under the guidance of some of the best coaches and mentors in the country.

Cricket enthusiasts and experts view Parag’s selection as a testament to his hard work and dedication. The programme will not only focus on his technical skills but also on aspects such as fitness, mental conditioning, and strategic acumen, ensuring he is well-rounded and prepared for the challenges of high-level cricket.

As the 2024-25 domestic season approaches, all eyes will be on Parag as he embarks on this crucial phase of his development. His participation in the NCA’s High Performance Monitoring Programme promises to be a transformative experience, potentially paving the way for greater achievements in his cricketing career.

With this selection, Riyan Parag stands on the cusp of becoming one of India’s next cricketing stars, ready to make his mark on both the national and international stages.



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