Mermaid Film Academy of Kolkata has been awarded the title of ‘Best Dance Institute of the Year 2023’ at The Excellency Iconic Awards 2023.


Mermaid Film Academy, a renowned dance school situated in Kolkata, has proudly secured the esteemed award title of “Best Dance Institute of the Year” at the prestigious event, The Excellency Iconic Award 2023. The grand ceremony, held on July 15th, 2023, in the picturesque locale of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, bore witness to the presence of the illustrious Bollywood celebrity, Bhagyashree, alongside a constellation of stars.

The Excellency Iconic Award is an eagerly anticipated annual celebration that lauds excellence across a spectrum of entertainment and artistic disciplines. The category of “Best Dance Institute of the Year” is a nod to dance institutions that have remarkably illuminated the industry with their achievements and contributions.

The well-deserved recognition of Mermaid Film Academy as the “Best Dance Institute of the Year” stands as a testament to their unswerving dedication to excellence, innovation, and the art of dance. The academy has etched its identity as a pioneer within the landscape of dance education, nurturing the talents of their students and providing them with a platform to showcase their prowess.

Khushi Kahar, the visionary founder and director of Mermaid Film Academy, a distinguished dance choreographer in her own right, radiated elation as she embraced this prestigious accolade. “This recognition as the ‘Best Dance Institute of the Year’ is a profound honor for us. It’s a tribute to the ceaseless efforts of our immensely talented students and the unwavering encouragement of our patrons. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Excellency Iconic Award for this extraordinary honor, and our gratitude to Bhagyashree for gracing the event. This achievement rejuvenates our commitment to nurturing dance excellence,” she stated.

For an impressive span of six years, Mermaid Film Academy, an internationally recognized and affiliated institution, has cast its influence over the vibrant dance canvas of Kolkata. Boasting an array of dance genres, world-class training, and an environment conducive to growth, the academy empowers its students to embrace their creative potential and achieve the pinnacle of dance mastery.

Guided by the vision of promoting dance as an artistic expression and fostering young talents, Mermaid Film Academy has etched an indelible imprint on the dance community. Their visionary approach and commitment to honing extraordinary dancers have solidified their position as a beacon of excellence in the realm.

This prestigious award not only underscores the academy’s unwavering dedication to the art of dance but also serves as a testament to the unwavering support of their talented students and devoted mentors. With aspirations reaching beyond the boundaries of Kolkata, Mermaid Film Academy continues to ignite inspiration, knowledge, and the future of dance on a larger canvas.



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